20 March 2006

somewhere in everyone's head something points towards home,

I got picked up on Friday by him:

Somewhere in everyone's head something points towards home,
a dashboard's floating compass, turning all the time
to keep from turning. It doesn't matter how we come
to be wherever we are, someplace where nothing goes
the way it went once, where nothing holds fast
to where it belongs, or what you've risen or fallen to.


It all goes.
Hold on fast
to thoughts of home
when they come.
They're going to
less with time.


Forgive me that. One time it wasn't fast.
A myth goes that when the quick years come
then you will, too. Me, I'll still be home.

- Miller Williams Shrinking Lonesome Sestina

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Sarah Sharp said...

I love it when you come home. Guess what? I started my blog.