15 March 2006

the sky is big enough.

yet again.

so much.

i'm bursting.

so much.

take the gift,
give ungrudgingly.
be at peace,
love recklessly.

ask me.

good things are happening.


naomi said...

wow, that was a really enthusiastic response.

i'm so happy for you, hannah! between the two of them, it will be wonderful . :)

Hannah said...

she's a great writer...

Carmen said...

The end is near (the end of midterms, that is). ;-)

I can almost taste freedom.
It tastes like sheer happiness.
Hurray for breaks...hurray for the ability to stop and listen to the rhythm of your life. Good things are happening.

You make me smile, Hannah. Thank you for that gift.

jules said...

happy happy happy happy happy

for you.

press on!

[and call me]

Sarah said...

[hannah - see jules' blog...]

jules, i can't agree w/ you more on the necessity of running. so theraputic and addicting and good. we have to do another 5-miler soon...

see you tonight, hopefully :-)

naomi said...

oh hannah... what happens when the sky falls?