29 March 2006

"I'll take it."

This post is dedicated to...

- Miss Sarah Droby who persuaded me to buy the coat.

- To Cecil, from the Baxter (see below) who made it catch my eye.

- And the friend who described it as a "Jenny Lewis coat, so happy it's sad."

May 13 - today I bought a raincoat - no, that was yesterday - yesterday I bought a raincoat with a frivolous pink lining that does good to my eyes because I have never ever had anything pink-colored, and it was much too expensive - I bought it with a month's news office pay, and soon I will not have any money to do anything more with because I am buying clothes becase I love them and they are exactly right, if I pay enough. And I feel dry and a bit sick whenever I say "I'll take it" and the smiling woman goes away wtih my money because she doesn't know I really don't have money at all at all. For three villanelles I have a blue-and-white pin-striped cotton cord suit dress, a black silk date dress and a grey raincoat with a frivolous pink lining.

- Sylvia Plath

Except my coat isn't even grey on the inside & it was on sale...


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speaking of jenny lewis...have you seen those watson twins!?! mother!