14 March 2006

the lord said to jonah, "what right have you to be angry?"

we have no time to be jaded and no time to be bitter, no time for doubt.

only time to cry out: help my unbelief.
and believe there will be an answer.

there is always strength enough.
and always abundant mercy, gleaming beneath, every shadow.

i've been fighting my way to the bottom of a well, for a long, long time.

but i think i finally touched the bottom and my feet are digging into the sand, and i'm pushing off.


naomi said...

thank you for this reminder, hannah. and you're right. the mercies are new every morning, and more enough to cover our souls.


[if you forget, come ask me to remind you]

jules said...

when there is nothing else, there is God. and He is the greatest. but we don't know that until we are free from everything else.

another paradox. from everything to nothing and back to everything.

Hannah said...

i think i get that stars line: self-loathing: when there's nothing [or no one] left to burn, you must set yourself on fire..