06 March 2006

Fair enough, fair enough

I wanted to sing you a song
This gift I was given has all come out wrong
I wanted to give you so much
I came all this way just to hand you a (broken) crutch

I let it go
This life I know
Seeds that we sow
May come to dust

I let it go
One thing I know
What's real will grow
Inside of us

I wanted to lay by your side
Take this small world and open it wide
I wanted to write it all down
Your skin was the paper your pages unbound

Lonely is just how I feel
Alone in the world and the world's a wheel
Spinning these thoughts in my head
I tangle with you and we hang by a thread

There may come a day when this dream dies
Fair enough fair enough
Until then we lay down our own lives
Fair enough fair enough

- Bergquist & Detweiler


chris said...

hc, you have a popular blog. and where oh where did you obtain that scandalous picture of moi!? good heavens...

chris said...

i am sorry to say that i dont know what devoted b even is. i drew it in paint when i was bored tonight.