07 December 2006

And any action

is a step to the block, to the fire, down the sea's throat…

It's not the night before the trial anymore, you've used up all the time you've got for idle speculation, for lying awake, somehow you passed straight through the night without blinking, and now it's day.

Get going, you've only just begun, sitting curbside in the winter sun, just flown in, striding between brick faces through sunlight and falling snow. Get going, before these words get lost on your tounge.

Can't you see, the day is breaking?

It is back home and back to work where the day has borders and late nights wake like a weight on your chest, and you can’t pull hard enough to cinch the girdle of the world, narrow the globe.

I thought I felt your hand on my back
And with it there I knew I could be anything
So I will trace every dream I have
Around the outline of your fingers
Pressed against me

To the dreams that keep me up all night:
If I move to January will you come with me?


Nathan Martin said...

dear hannah,
in response to this post, i think i can just say the same thing i always do when i read your writing.

you capture beauty in sentences. and i feel inadequate to continue.


p.s. thanks for talking over the weekend. it was beautiful.

Pauletta said...

you leave me lost for words.

(which is one of the most beautiful things to me at times.)

love to you!!