28 September 2006

Hungry like you.

The sea rises up in the most unexpected places—the salt in your eyes and in your blood—the motion beneath everything, the commotion in your hollowed hand and ear, wallpapering the silence, rhythmic and haunting.

Swaying in the boughs of a walnut tree, pressed against the sky with the green paper leaves, you might think you hear the ocean in the tree tops, you might think you see the waves in the grass.

Spreading blankets on lawns and beaches to watch the cold slide of stars across a black sky. Drinking fluid night through the open windows of a train, shaking along the tracks, hearing a sound in all the vibration, reaching across all the red rooftops and grey bridges, in the middle of the land, on the top of a hill, the voice of that reaches your ears, hungry like the grinding of the surf over stones

Hungry like you.

You know that this is dangerous--waking up like the morning after a fever broke--trying your limbs and finding soundness instead of ache.

You know that real boldness is damn dangerous. Have a healthy sense of your own danger. Tread slowly. Don't let the fearlessness in. Don't loose yourself to hope. You might get reckless with your love again, and actually begin to forgive people for all the things they never meant to do. You might see beauty in everything. You might start to Trust.

You might start to pray recklessly again. You might ask for more than you can handle. You might try to walk on water again.

And, oh God, what then?

To: Sarah and Paulina and Matt and Vysehrad and the Deutsche Bahn and Chris Piecuch.


jamie said...

praying recklessly is the hardest thing to do, and with that brings a beautiful outcome.
ahh hannah!! you've gone and done it once again.

Pauletta said...

i am so glad that you came. much love. <3

Brutes In The Halls said...

You urge not to let it in, and it's a compelling way to present your point. What you're saying is really worth reading.

Handily written, my friend. You should write about hope as often as you can grasp it, because you seem to have a good way with it.

Pauletta said...

mind the gap. lol. how often did i hear you say that? tons. and ugh. i miss all of it so much. you saying mind the gab, chris, singing the kitty cat song, us all saying hooray in the weirdest moments....you know, i would love to take a few more sick days! ;)

...and i really really like what you wrote. "i just don't have much left to say." right.
i love you.