20 August 2006


a novel I've never read by an author who writes in breathing living prose that peels up off the page, taking shape, in images, voices, sounds--as cold as the ocean, as dark as my morning coffee, as soft as the ending of summer--melancholy, but not pessimistic

the opening of a new room upstairs, rearrangement of my mental furniture to accommodate some new metaphor, effortless removal from the present, fragrant and real as the lilacs next door, tragic enough to weep over

I want to fall, lost, between words, arranged like I've never seen, disappear for a few hours or a day, fall in love with yet another act of fiction, I'm all acts of fiction,

and so are you.

Oh Jake, Brett said, we could have had such a damned good time together.
I said. Isn't it pretty to think so?


jamie said...

you're writing is unreal... it just rolls off of my tongue when i read it outloud to myself
autumn is going to pretty amazing isn't it? ;)

Pauletta said...

...yes, it's simply amazing.

jules said...

hannah banana

whitney and daniel went to nyc this past weekend.

hint, hint.

looooove you.

cruelandpretty said...

hey, um. what's up? have you read jonathon safran foer's newish "extremely loud and incredibly close" or zadie smith's "on beauty"? all i have to say is that i heart them.

Sarah said...

just finished the sun also rises last night. so beautiful and tragic.

remember when you were memorizing the end of the great gatsby?

i can't wait to read again. 7 more months.