06 July 2006

she was incurably dishonest

for some reason i keep thinking back to this post.


Brutes In The Halls said...

This is clearly full of references to a work of which I am clumsily unaware.

So why does it make so much sense to me? When the one is lying, strong, and proud, why is the other who is unassuming, confident, and true left feeling weak and undignified in her wake? Why?

This can't be the voice of truth, that now whispers uncertainty in my ear. No, it is another voice. Let's conclude that her very aura and effect is a lie. I hope I never understand the hardness, or become that way, a hard shell that protects an empty hollow.

Sarah said...

i remember you memorizing that last bit of the great gatsby...

yes, hannah, cold and austere women.

<3 you.